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Teaming to solve the toughest health challenges facing veterans, and our world, today.


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Join Samsung, MIT and the VA to make the breakthroughs that matter in improving health outcomes for veterans.

Samsung Breakthroughs that Matter Award

The winning team from each track will receive the Breakthroughs that Matter Award in recognition of the most effective use of Samsung technology in the creation of prototype digital health applications aimed at solving the United States Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) toughest challenges.

Each winning team member will receive a FREE Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and a Knox Security Platform license, as well as access to Samsung Developer Program mentors who will assist in progressing the development of these winning applications.

Past Award Winners



MatchPerch won for its development of a mobile application that creates a crisis intervention network of trained peer counselors for veterans suffering from depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).



Simulacron won for its prototype of a structured electronic health record for veterans that uses the Samsung Knox security platform to secure Personally Identifiable Information (PII).


Resources for Hackers



Knox SDK extends the functionality of the standard Android SDK to provide granular access to device features, security options, customization settings, and more. Create tailored solutions by remapping hardware keys, designing kiosks, deploying policies by geographical location, and customizing the booting animation.

Keep sensitive enterprise data secure by restricting access to settings, pre-configuring VPN and firewall settings, and whitelisting and blacklisting apps.
*KNOX Developer Keys to activate KNOX SDK will be available onsite

Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX is a new user experience that extends the functionality of your Android device to a PC-like environment. Simply connect your Samsung DeX compatible device to an HDMI monitor with the Samsung DeX Station, DeX Pad or HDMI adaptor and it automatically launches.

SPen Remote SDK

The S Pen from the Note9 is connected via Bluetooth. The S Pen can remotely control specific app features. This guide enables you to know how to map the functionality of the S Pen button in order to use the S Pen Remote. The S Pen button can be set to respond to a single or double button press in the S Pen Settings. It is possible to add, this functionality, to as many app features as you want.

Sensor Extension SDK

Sensor Extension allows you to use sensors which are not supported by Google Android. It provides Meaningful data from sensors in the Samsung Device.
Sensor Extension SDK supports the feature below.
• Heart Rate Monitor(HRM) Sensor IR/RED/GREEN/BLUE Signal
• Ultraviolet (UV) Index

Galaxy Accessory SDK

Accessory SDK allows you to connect accessory devices to Samsung smart devices. With Accessory SDK, you can define a new service between the accessory and smart device, enabling you to use the various smart device functions from the accessory device. The service is compatible with various connectivity environments, which makes accessory development efficient and convenient.

Galaxy Watch SDK

The flexibility of Tizen is not limited to mobile devices but extends to other devices, including the Galaxy Watch. This can be translated to developing applications that can be built using a Native or a Web approach. Whether you are a serious developer or a hobbyist, C or HTML5, building a Tizen app can suit your programming style that can be implemented across platforms.

VA Facilities API

This API provides information about physical VA facilities. Use the VA Facility API to find relevant information about a specific VA facility. For each VA facility, you’ll find contact information, location, hours of operation and available services. For medical facilities only, data is provided on appointment wait times and patient satisfaction. Types of facilities represented in this API include health facilities, benefits facilities, cemeteries, and vet centers.

VA Benefits API

The Veterans Affairs’ Benefits Intake API allows for the submission of forms and documents to VA for processing by the Veteran Benefits Administration. Approved organizations external to the VA can submit forms and supporting documentation on behalf of Veterans in PDF format and subsequently check the status of their submission to ensure acceptance and processing in the VA system of record for these forms.

VA Digital Resources

Explore more resources including the Lighthouse API Platform, SaaS at the VA, the VA Open API Pledge, and Microconsulting

SyntheticMass Patient Population

Free access to a one million person, fully-synthetic, patient population. Hosted on Github and made available by The MITRE Corporation.


NOTE: Unlocked Note9 and Gear S3 smartwatches will be made available for use on loan to every participating team.


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700 Pennslyvania Ave SE
Washington DC, USA 20003


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