Cloud Device Farm

Remotely test your apps with Cloud Device Farm

PLEASE NOTE: The Cloud Device Farm (CDF) service is being discontinued, effective October 3, 2019. If you have any stored videos of testing sessions, you will need to download them before that time.
Samsung offers another service that is similar to CDF called the Remote Test Lab (RTL). Please visit that site to continue testing your apps.

The Cloud Device Farm (CDF) allows you to remotely access an actual Samsung mobile device over the Internet. CDF devices use U.S. mobile service providers.

You can install and test your applications in real time. CDF is a cost-effective and an easy way to test you app compatibility with a Samsung mobile device.

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You can:

  • Reserve an actual Samsung mobile device.
  • Install, launch, and test applications on the device.
  • Capture high resolution screenshots.
  • Monitor and download debug log information.
  • Watch automatically recorded videos of your sessions.


How to get started

Step #1. Go to Cloud Device Farm page in your Dashboard.

Step #2. Go to the Cloud Device Farm page and click START TESTING.


Known issues:

  • Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers are not supported.
  • Testing of Theme APKs is not yet supported.

Attention Fortnite Players: Fortnite cannot be installed or played on any Cloud Device Farm or Remote Galaxy Store devices. Any attempt will result in an unsuccessful install.

To test your app on non-US devices, Gear, or Family Hub, visit our Remote Test Lab.

To test your app for China, visit our Remote Test Lab for China.