Localize Your Galaxy Store Content To Reach Global Markets

Localize Your Galaxy Store Content To Reach Global Markets

Joseph Nagle

It can be tricky to successfully reach different world markets. That is, if you’re not a member of the Samsung Developer Program. The ability to reach hundreds-of-millions of devices around the world is one of program’s best benefits. This article outlines the steps you can take to localize and test your content to reach a global audience and increase your sales.

Check Your Content

The first thing to do is localize your content, which you can learn more about here. After you’ve carefully made all the localization changes in the Seller Office you should make sure it looks correct in the local market. Professional-looking content is often the difference between someone scrolling past your product and actually attracting a customer to make a purchase. If you’re a member of the Samsung Developer Program we’ve made this easy. Don’t worry if you’re not already in the program, enrollment is fast and free.

Once you’re a member, you can create Galaxy Badges for your content. Badges are a great way to advertise your themes, apps, and watch faces to different communities outside of the Galaxy Store. In fact, Galaxy Badges can help increase downloads up to 7x, so even if you don’t want to localize you should still take advantage of Badges.

After you’ve created your Badges you can use them to test your published content on the virtual store. To do this go to [Galaxy Store Badges] in your Dashboard, and then click [Test] on the app that you wish to view. You can then switch to a number of different regions around the world to see how your content appears in that location. This is especially helpful to ensure that the additions you made when localizing your content appear correctly.

View Top Sellers

It can be extremely helpful to use the virtual store to view the top sellers by region. By identifying different market trends and incorporating them into your designs, you can take advantage of what does and doesn’t work by location. This allows you to learn  the shared features of successful products so that you can incorporate them into your designs.

For example, you may find that particular regions are more focused on fitness apps or luxury watch faces than others. If you want to break into a particular market it makes sense to build watch faces that appeal to that specific region. Above all else, it will provide you with new ideas to build and test, helping you to become a successful watch face designer.

Head over to your Samsung Developer Program Dashboard to get started!