Getting To Know The Cloud Device Farm

Getting To Know The Cloud Device Farm

Joseph Nagle

We recently introduced a new service to Samsung Developer Program members: the Cloud Device Farm (CDF), and we want to share some of our favorite features with our dev community. The CDF allows developers to remotely test their Android APKs on over 70+ Samsung Devices, including the Note9 and Tab S4 as well as their US variants (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint), directly on their browser (Firefox, Safari, and/or Chrome). While similar services exist for Samsung developers, the CDF provides a wide range of features that let you not only optimize functionality, but also view your content as it appears on the US Galaxy Store as devices are pre-signed into a Samsung Account.

Features, Features, Features

Capture High Res Screenshots – You’re able to capture high-resolution screenshots of your apps in action and automatically record videos of your session that you can re-watch at any time. These features can help you get your app ready for the store, or add screenshots and video to your ongoing marketing efforts.

Monitor and Download Logs – Once you’re finished, you can monitor and download logs for debugging. The Cloud Device Farm helps ensure your data stays secure by cleaning the device after every use.

Optimize for the US Market – Especially useful for international developers looking to break into the US market, the CDF allows you to view the US Galaxy Apps and Theme store so you’ll know exactly how your app and themes appear, and how to best optimize your content to stand out.

Access Real US Samsung Devices – When you use the CDF, you’re accessing a real US Samsung device. This means you can easily access both the Galaxy and Play stores to view your content and optimize.

How do you get started?

The CDF is open to all Samsung Developer Program members (you can sign up for free here), with device reservations in 30-minute blocks. You can reserve as much as you like, so don’t worry if you’re still working when the block is over, simply reserve again and pick up where you left off.

Using the CDF is easy. Simply go to the [Cloud Device Farm] in your Dashboard to get started. From there you can reserve an actual US Samsung mobile device and begin installing, launching, and testing your Android applications on the device.

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