[Samsung DeX] DeX Launcher

[Samsung DeX] DeX Launcher

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Samsung DeX is a new way to experience your Android Device. Do you know how to launch your apps rapidly?
In the DeX mode, you can see menu icon in the bottom bar. Click on this icon, all installed apps will be displayed.

You can input the app name in the search bar then find the app you want to launch .

You can drag your favorite app to desktop too. Next time you can launch it quickly.

If you don’t like the apps on the desktop, right click mouse and then remove the shortcut or uninstall the app .


  1. Multiple Resizable Windows.

    User can not only launch multiple apps at the same time but also freely resize apps

  2. Easy access to notifications and settings on task bar

    – You can check notifications and change settings easily through task bar

  3. Phone calls and text messages .

    You can use calls and text messages in DeX as well

  4. Change audio output .

    – You can change the default audio output to a different audio device

  5. Switch between DeX & Mirroring mode .

    – Easily switch between DeX & Mirroring mode

  6. Keyboard/Mouse optimized experience .

    Mouse right click (contextual menu) and keyboard shortcuts are supported

  7. Notification .

    User gets Pop-up notification from the right-bottom of the screen

Keyboard shortcuts

Win+Tab Recent app
Win+Backspace back
Win+B Browser
Win+C Contacts
Win+E E-mail
Win+F S-Finder
Win+L Screen Lock
Win+N Quick panel
Win+Q Quick Setting
Win+S Message APP

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