Up Close With the Virtual Reality Suite

Up Close With the Virtual Reality Suite

Samsung Developer Program

Grand Prize Winner of Samsung Gear VR’s Killer App Contest

Virtual Reality Suite, lead developed by Markus Prenneis and Thomas Trzaska of present4D, a multimedia service and software provider based in Germany, is the winner of our Samsung Gear VR Killer App contest. A multi-user B2B software solution for creating and playing 360°-based VR presentations for trade shows, training, marketing, and other business applications, Virtual Reality Suite is optimized for high-end HMDs, including Samsung Gear VR.

In fact, says Prenneis, Gear VR is an essential platform for their software: “Massive multi-user experiences like 1000 or 2500 people synced together at the same time is only possible with Gear VR!” The app’s conference mode enables users to jointly explore a 360 ° environment via the Internet or local network, and comes with a laser pointer function, so other participants can better follow the presentation while “inside” it.

With its productivity tools and multi-user capability, judges in our Killer App contest named the Virtual Reality Suite as the finalist with the most potential to become a transformative product for Gear VR and virtual reality in general — including companies without any immediate plans to use VR.

“[I]t has the potential to open the enterprise market to Gear VR in an ecosystem that is currently largely filled with games and 360 videos,” as Killer App judge Nicole Lazzaro puts it. “As a tool, VR Suite was unique among applicants.”

“There is a very strong need in the market for every single company to bring their presentations into VR headsets, and be as easy to use as Powerpoint,” says Prenneis. (See this series of tutorial videos for more details on VR Suite’s capabilities.)

In the near future, he and Trzaska plan to add realtime 3D for slideshows and whole scenes, along with a text editor, time-controlled hotspots, customizable GUIs, and much more. They are also building up customer support, software documentation, and will soon launch an online store for presentation content.

Winning the Samsung Gear VR Killer App contest, they believe, will help them with this launch: “If importance has a value from 0 to 10, then it’s 11,” says Prenneis. “We will get a featured place in the Samsung Oculus store. That’s worth gold! The mentorship, the session with the Samsung experts… That’s all hyper-cool marketing and PR power.”

Even more important than all that, he adds, “is the possibility to have a high class and high potential audience, with Samsung as a VR market leader, to help our vision of bringing VR first into the B2B and later into the B2C market.”