Winners of the Samsung Gear VR Killer App Contest

Winners of the Samsung Gear VR Killer App Contest

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Finalists and grand prize winner of our Gear VR app/demo contest chosen at Upload Collective: Virtual Reality Suite, Apnea, Dream Cube, Rabbit Hole, and Super Vektoroids


We’re pleased to announce five strong candidates for the first “killer app” of VR, finalists of our Samsung Gear VR Killer App contest. We announced the finalists last night at the UploadVR workspace in San Francisco, where we hosted over 100 developers who gathered to share their favorite VR apps, demo these finalist entries, and socialize over refreshments.

2Contest judges (left to right): Paul T. Kim, Nicole Lazzaro, Taylor Freeman, and Philip Rosedale.

As Samsung’s Paul T. Kim put it in his kick-off speech, it was extremely tough for our judges, all top experts in VR, to whittle down the entries and choose the app which qualified as a killer app — an experience that boosts productivity, promotes collaboration, and encourages creative play with compelling features. With that said, here’s a closer look at the grand prize winner:

Grand Prize Winner, Samsung Gear VR Killer App Contest: Virtual Reality Suite

3Judges review Virtual Reality Suite

We’re thrilled to announce that Thomas Trzaska exceeded our judges’ expectations with his Virtual Reality Suite, an app co-developed with Markus Prenneis. Optimized for high-end head-mounted VR displays like Samsung Gear VR, Virtual Reality Suite turns 360° photos, videos and three-dimensional objects into a VR presentation that can be fine-tuned with an intuitive editor.

Our judges deemed Virtual Reality Suite to be a promising tool for businesses who need engaging content for training programs, trade shows, showrooms, and marketing initiatives. Users can quickly drag and drop content in VR-Suite, effortlessly positioning elements to create a powerful story. Presentations made with VR-Suite can be easily uploaded to the cloud for distribution to other VR systems. They particularly admired the multi-user aspect, enabling two or more people to meet inside the same virtual presentation and share ideas. With all these features, our judges consider Virtual Reality Suite as a strong contender to become an application that’s so indispensable, people will buy VR headsets to use it — the very definition of a killer app.

Check Out All the Apps and Demos That Made the Finals

4Event attendee demoing Super Vektoroids

In addition to Virtual Reality Suite, we selected four finalists which also exhibited features worthy of “killer app” consideration:

The Rabbit Hole, a new puzzle horror game where you must find your way out of the room before it’s too late. Our judges admired its polish and effective scares, suggesting a new way for horror fans to enjoy stories.

Super Vektoroids, an old school meets new school arcade shooter. Our judges found the game fun for all ages — an inviting experience for people to get their feet wet in VR.

The Dream Cube, a demo that simulates the feeling of lucid dreaming with a technique known as blindsiding. Our judges were very impressed by this effect, and discussed the possibility of this being effectively applied in amazing, powerful VR experiences.

Apnea, an underwater adventure game which incorporates real life walking and breathing into gameplay — features our judges admired for the new and clever way they leveraged VR technology.

We want to thank all the contest entrants for taking the time to submit their apps, and for everyone who attended our UploadVR event!