Games For Samsung is Growing With New Unity Partners

Games For Samsung is Growing With New Unity Partners

Henry Komsky


In the brutally competitive app marketplace, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing elegantly-crafted, highly-engaging games succeed, and the developers that create them do well.

That’s the vision we had when we launched Games for Samsung this past June. The program provides technical and marketing support to developers who create premium apps for Samsung platforms and devices and launch them exclusively on the Galaxy Apps store for the first 90 days.

Since establishing Games for Samsung, we’ve received huge interest and submissions from developers around the globe looking for alternatives to the mass market app stores, and our partner pipeline continues to grow.  The program, which seeks to discover and promote the best mobile content available regardless of company size, brand or resources, gives particular momentum to games created by mobile startups such Carbon Incubator, an Eastern European game incubator and the publisher of “Link Twin” – the first game released as part of the program.  Link Twin is an attractively designed puzzle game with an engaging game mechanic that received over 150K downloads during the 3 months it was exclusively available through Galaxy Apps. “We were honored and thrilled that Link Twin was picked up in the Games for Samsung program,” shared Carbon CEO, Catalin Butnariu. She adds, “We are very happy with the promotions and opportunities offered by the Samsung team, and their support has been amazing!”

If you haven’t already, check out the trailer:

Today I’m pleased to announce the launch of our latest Games for Samsung partner, Punch Wolf , an independent game studio located in Finland that is debuting their new, “easy to learn, hard to master” app, “Griddle”,  on the Galaxy Apps store today. Griddle is a highly addictive speed puzzle, where you race against the clock to solve abstract 2D puzzles.

Check it out:


Unite LA


Over the last few months, we’ve been working in close collaboration with Unity to bring new and exciting opportunities to their developers.

If you’re interested in learning more about Games for Samsung or would like to discuss discovery and marketing strategies for your app, come see us this week at Unity’s Unite LA conference at the Lowes Hollywood Hotel.

I’ll be presenting at 4:00 pm (Breakout 2) on Tuesday, November 1 about how indies can benefit from the combined support that Samsung and Unity are offering through the program. You can also swing by and meet me at our booth (and see some cool VR demos and enter to win a Samsung Gear 360 camera while you’re at it).

Join the Games for Samsung Program and Get Discovered

Getting set up with the program is quick and easy:

  1. Join the Developer Program
  2. Email and let us know you are interested in the program
  3. Submit your game for review and approval by our Editorial Review board
  4. Register with the Galaxy Apps Store Seller Office to get ready to publish your Apps

As always, we’re here to help get your game noticed. Visit for more details on the program and technical support.

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