App Spotlight – Animatic Gets the Creative Juices Flowing

App Spotlight – Animatic Gets the Creative Juices Flowing

Jacqueline Cao

Last month, we went to #CAMPFestival in Calgary where creatives and thought-leaders from all facets of design and technology got together to discuss trends, best practices and how technology is changing the creative world.

One of the team’s biggest takeaways from the Festival was that you can’t overlook the importance of the creative process when building your app and VR experiences. We’ve often heard developers say “I’m not the artistic one, I’m the tech one”, but what if you could be both?

I met with a couple of designers to get their thoughts on how apps, like Animatic, can help bridge the perceived gap between the binary world of technology and the creative world of design.  This is what they had to say:

Jacqueline Cao:  What do you like about Animatic?

Gavin Elesban Rodrigues: I think Animatic is one of those rare apps that encourages creativity.

Amy Greenspan: I agree, Animatic is wonderful both for people like myself who have been animating for years, and for people who have never even touched pencil to paper. I personally use it to do anything from a simple line test to a fully finished, colored animation, and it’s cool to watch my friends (who are not animators) bring things to life for the first time on the app. Animatic has all the features to satisfy any seasoned animator but is also intuitive enough for any beginner to use. It’s both a great tool and a great way to get anyone into animation and into creating in general.

JC: What is it about this app that you prefer over other similar apps?

AG: I love how easy it is to use. As an animator, it’s difficult to find an app that checks all the boxes, and that’s what Animatic does so well. My favorite feature is the onion-skinning effect that lets me see the previous frame I was working on. It is super simple and easy to use, but makes such a big difference in the quality of the animations I can create. I love that I can work on my animations anywhere…when I’m bored on the train, when I’m about to go to bed, when I’m at the park.

GER: Exactly what I was going to say. Animatic makes animation, which is actually a long process easy. It doesn’t have to be used in a way that makes every user a professional animator, but it does enable us to express our ideas better and quicker for a more professional-looking final product.

JC: There are a lot of design apps out there. What makes Animatic unique?

GER: Animatic is unique in that almost every feature you can use gives your piece an authentic feeling. For example, the look of using crayons, to the detail you get when using a marker or even a pencil, make the end result even more true to the look you’re going for.

AG: This app is for everyone. It is for animators, doctors, and teachers…there is this myth that only certain people are creative, or that making art is reserved for “artists”. But this could not be further from the truth. Anything any one person makes is incredible because only that person could make it. Art is essential to life, and someone like my mother, who has never drawn a picture in her life, now has Animatic on her phone and iPad and is creating. Animatic bridges the gap between “artists” and “non-artists”, and proves that art belongs to everyone. It makes animation accessible to everyone. It helps make everyone an artist.

JC: Moving beyond the app, why do you love animating?

GER: The main reason I love animating (as seen in most of my animations)  is to answer that burning question put forward by most of my friends,  ‘Did you really draw this’,  whenever they see my sketches.

AG: I love animating for a very simple reason: it is magic. There is nothing cooler than bringing something to life. The first time I finished an animation and played it back, I was both terrified and completely enamored. It is the closest thing to magic I have ever experienced, and I want everyone to be able to feel that way. I like seeing my friends faces light up when they use Animatic for the first time and watch their work come to life. It’s a feeling that never gets old.

To learn more about Animatic, check it out on Android and iTunes. As always, we’d love to see what you’re working on and your Animatic creations. Share with us on Facebook and Twitter.