Top Tips for Editing 360 Video

Top Tips for Editing 360 Video



As developers, staying agile and ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging technology is key to help ensure content is discovered by users.

Over the past year, the idea of virtual reality has exploded into the tech world with everyone wanting a piece of the VR excitement, and with popular mass media channels, like Facebook, now supporting 360 degree content, early adopters are itching to get started. Understanding the tools and programs used to create great VR content is important to staying relevant, and knowing how to use them is paramount to having your content stand out.

It’s no longer enough to simply share your 360 photos and videos on Facebook and YouTube if you want to stand out. Instead of sharing a single video clip, try using editing tools like CyberLink’s ActionDirector and PowerDirector to break through the VR noise.

Using Gear 360 ActionDirector

Gear 360 ActionDirector is top of the line 360° video editing software designed specifically for, and included with, the Samsung Gear 360 camera providing all essential tools to stitch, edit and share your 360-degree videos. You can use Gear 360 ActionDirector to add Text, Transitions, Video Effects and Background Music to your 360 video.


The original video footage captured from your Gear 360 is in dual-sphere format, as shown in following graphic (1). If you would like to edit your video or upload and share your video on YouTube or Facebook, you will need to “stitch” your video into “panoramic” format (2). In this tutorial, we will show you how to stitch your footage using Gear 360 ActionDirector on your PC.


Gear 360 ActionDirector is a story board based video editing software. Simply drag and drop your videos and photos in order, add titles and transitions to polish it up, and rock the world with a killer background music track.

This tutorial from CyberLink will give you step-by-step instructions on how to use Gear 360 ActionDirector.

Create pro-looking 360-degree videos using PowerDirector 15

Gear 360 ActionDirector provides easy tools to add simple edits to your videos. If you’re looking to take your 360 video editing to the next level, you should look at the PowerDirector 15 editing suite. This advanced editing software will give your content a professional finish.

A timeline-based video editing software, PowerDirector 15 provides up to 100 track timelines to overlay a huge variety of effects on your video, such as Titles, Animated PiP objects and Video Enhancement Effects.


Here are 4 ways for making your 360-degree videos more impressive!

#1 – Use a timeline editing software like PowerDirector

Collecting your 360 content is the easy part, but what do you do with the 18 hours of raw footage? In a timeline, you can quickly and easily trim, cut and arrange your footage in sequence to extract the best part of the content. You can control everything from the speed to the storytelling with a simple drag and drop.


This tutorial highlights the step-by-step instructions on make the most out of your timeline.

#2- Add text & animated objects to spice up your videos

To make your 360° video more interactive, consider adding titles into the video footage. Adding details such as the location(s) you shot the video, an introduction to the people who are appearing in the video footage, a PiP animated object to layer videos or motion objects to highlight elements in your video! In PowerDirector, you can utilize the 100-track timeline capability, to add as many PiP objects or titles in a single sequence as you want.


Check out these helpful tutorials for adding text and animated objects:

>> Adding Text in a 360-degree video

>> Adding animated PiP object in a 360-degree video

#3- Enhance color and detail to present your video the best possible way

Sometimes, when you are taking videos outdoors, the color of the video isn’t what you were hoping for, like when a video is shot on a gloomy day, for example. TrueTheater is CyberLink’s very own unique enhancement technology, which can enhance your video footage in the following ways:

  • Video Enhancement: Upscaling your video using TrueTheater HD technology, increasing the sharpness of your video
  • Color Enhancement: Using TrueTheater Color to enhance video saturation, while protecting the video skin to avoid over-saturation
  • Lighting Adjustment: Using TrueTheater Lighting to fix any backlighting issues your video may have

#4 – Control your viewpoints like an Oscar-worthy director

A 360° camera brings a whole new experience to your video and photo shooting. Typically, you’d take a 2D video using a Smartphone, where you were simply pointing-and-shooting. In order to capture a video using a 2D camera, you must shoot from the perfect angle as it’ll be too late to use other angles that might have been better during post-production.

However, if you are shooting your video using Gear 360, you are in fact recording the whole surrounding environment and people around the camera capturing other angles that you do not traditionally get with 2D film. From 360° footage, you have absolute flexibility during post-production using PowerDirector 15.


The great new feature of PowerDirector 15, known as View Designer, allows you to use keyframe to control the cameras angle at different moments in the video. The great part about this is since it’s controlled by keyframe, PowerDirector will automatically add in frames between changes of perspective to simulate the pan and zoom effects when you are converting a 360° video to 2D!


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For those of you looking for more in-depth tips and tricks for editing 360 content, we’ll be with Samsung at CAMP festival in Calgary, Canada next week where we’re co-hosting a 360 workshop. Be sure to register ASAP as space is limited.

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